MMAC Tuesday Edition

By: Artemis Armchair 12/7/21

In this weeks column I am going dive in to this weekends action in the NFL, but also the Coaching Carousel that’s coming, and some things to keep an eye on into the off season.

The LIONS got the DUB!! As a die hard Packers fan and now Owner, I have been cheering for Detroit to turn it around for a long time. Why? Because I like good football, and it’s tiring to see a team not win for so many years. It surprised me that it took until week 13 for them to finally get a win. It surprised me because this team has legitimately played their keesters off for Dan Campbell and have been in every game except the Eagles game. We can clearly say that Anthony Lynn will be gone next year, but aside from that you really have to like where this team is at. A slew of injuries, and guys starting that you have never heard of and they compete. Campbell while terrible with clock management and extremely questionable calls like going for it on 4th down on their own 28 are complete head scratchers- he’s achieved something that hasn’t happened in the last 20 years in Detroit. His team physically and mentally shows up for all 4 quarters. I personally think this is the hardest thing to do in football, is to have the engagement of the entire team for 4 quarters. Football is chess. It’s very situational and you must adapt on the fly. While Campbell has struggled to manage the clock at times, and going for it at the wrong time, his team has his back and they play for him and that is the first step to a winning organization.

What’s wrong with the Ravens?

Easy question, right? The answer has many layers. First the good- They are extremely well coached. John Harbaugh is a top 5 coach in this league. He and his staff always have these players, playing their hardest. They scratch, claw and fight to win every game.

Now the bad. The injuries are mounting. Marlon Humphrey going down for the season on Sunday against the Steelers was the latest in a slew of an injury prone season. Due to injuries the Ravens have not looked stellar this year. Inconsistent or erratic play is what we see on game day. Lamar Jackson looks lost. To me- this is 2 things. Coaching and Focus especially on offense. They’ve found a running back in Freeman, but Lamar looks totally lost. Their running plays seem like their working, the passing game looks as if they just installed the offense. Receivers are not getting open consistently, or Lamar is just missing his reads. To me it’s the ladder and his clock is going to quick. He takes off too soon to let anything develop. His first response when his first read isn’t there is to run. He’s an amazing athlete but how long until this type of play catches up to him? He’s turning the ball over at an alarming rate as well. My fear is next he’ll get hurt! If I’m the Ravens, I’m going quick tempo in passing plays. Keep Lamar in the pocket longer and have him step up and shift in the pocket like Rodgers and Mahomes. This will help him get into rhythm, stay healthy and stop living on the edge. I still don’t think it’s enough to save their season. Yes they should make the playoffs, but they aren’t going anywhere.

Coaching Carousel:

Every year we see many coaches fired and replaced. I am going to layout what teams I see as replacing or potentially replacing their coach.

  1. Raiders- duh
  2. Seahawks- this is it for Pete Carroll. I just feel like he is done based on this season. They always beat the 49ers.
  3. Bears- Let’s be clear both Nagy and Pace will be gone. These two cannot screw it up any worse.
  4. Vikings- This has nothing to do with losing to Detroit, but more that Mike Zimmer hasn’t had a consistent team in almost 4 years. I can see him being there still next year but I do think it’s a year too long. Rick Speilman needs to inject some youth and energy to this locker room.
  5. Panthers- It’s time for the Matt Rhule experiment to end. How many QB’s does this guy need to prove he stinks. Firing the offensive coordinator is a knee jerk reaction to his tush getting toasty. It doesn’t matter who the coordinator is, I think Rhule is unfit to lead an NFL team.
  6. Jaguars- If anything says you don’t belong in the NFL it’s when you hire 2 offensive coordinators, from 2 totally different schemes, to run your offense and develop the #1 overall pick. The Jags were already looking for a reason. Even if hes around one more year, this just isn’t going to work. I said in the beginning that he will not be able to win in the NFL. He is not a schematic genius, he delegates. He runs his team like a business. Motivates his players and delegates all responsibility to his assistants. I don’t think he actually coaches.

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