By: Artemis Armchair

What a crazy Sunday of Football. You will soon learn I am a Packers fan. Hats off to Mike Zimmer and the Vikings. Every Sunday you must out play the officials, and yesterday the Packers were not able to do so. Again missed field goals were part of the issue. Mason Crosby missing another chip shot FG that would’ve had this game in OT. The offense was sputtering in the first half and that was just as much the reason for the loss as anything. The officials were color blind yesterday. Weather it was the phantom false start on Lucas Patrick, or the complete miss of a hold on Tyler Lancaster, that gave the Vikings a first down. The majority of calls went agaisnt Green Bay, while they were unable to see clear penalties the Vikings were commiting. The Packers had their chances and they weren’t able to stop Dalvin Cook, or Justin Jefferson at the end. Mike Zimmer is a great coach, and Kubiak Jr is doing a great job calling that offense. Kirk Cousins is playing pretty solid, he did have a couple of throws that should’ve gone the other way, but they are a tough team, and will challenge everyone.

Where do the Packers go from here? The Packers are fine. They look like a team that has played their keesters off all year, are banged up and injured. It’s catching up.

What it Boyle’s down to….

It’s hard to make a judgment on Tim Boyle after his first NFL Start. I really like Dan Campbell, and I do believe the Lions are on the right course. However, they have glaring problems and they don’t seem to see it. When Dan Campbell suggested he was going to be involved in the offense, my gut reaction was about time. Anthony Lynn was atrocious calling plays. I felt like he called a good enough game against Pittsburgh that they should’ve won. They just didn’t have the QB to win. Enter Tim Boyle this week, due to Jared Goff being injured. What the hell did I witness against Cleveland? No rhythm whatsoever. 90% of the passes seemed to be 10 yards or less. Every screen pass was completely blown up. With time running out in the second quarter, I couldn’t figure out why they didn’t try a hail mary. They just kept passing underneath. Boyle never looked comfortable in the first half, and I believe it was because the offense was too limited.

In the 3rd quarter they finally tried a play action pass deep. Boyle moved in the pocket and stepped up to throw. Truthfully I thought the throw itself was a little far, but the receiver had a chance to make a play and didn’t, the DB did. It’s clear that either none of their receivers can get separation, and or Campbell is coaching not to lose. If he was coaching to win, then let Boyle throw and send these receivers deep. My message for Campbell is easy. Play to win, turn it loose. Your defense, has come to life. They’re playing with confidence. Your offense needs to take the reigns.

The Bears, and other thoughts…

The fact that Matt Nagy and Ryan Pace were still on board for this season is beyond me. If it wasn’t evident that he ruined Mitchell Trubisky, what more did they need? It’s extremely clear that Matt Nagy and Bill Lazor have no clue how to utilize their weapons, and it was on full display on Sunday. On the flipside on Sunday, Lamar Jackson was out. Tyler Huntley (who?) someone I have never heard of had a respectable day 26/36 for 219 and a pick, but got the win. For the Bears however, Fields was 4/11 for 79 yards before getting hurt and being replaced with Andy Dalton who went 11/23 201 yards and 2 TD’s. While Dalton’s numbers suggest he played well, Fields numbers tell a different tale. To me this looks more like “We had a game plan, but we didn’t do a good job getting Justin & this offense ready for this game.” This is every week. Nagy already ruined Trubisky. No I am not clamoring that Trubisky is an all pro, but he is a great athlete and can win games. Nagy and Lazor refuse to move the pocket for their QB’s, and create space and diversion to open up their receivers. They’ve had 2 of the most mobile QB’s in the game the last 2 years and the refusal to move them around when they’re throwing tells me all I need to know. Andy Reid is responsible for Mahomes, Nagy was no more than a gnat on the wall in KC.

I picked the Colts yesterday. Largely due to how Carson Wentz has come of age with Frank Reich and how they have played over this last month. The emergence of Jonathan Taylor has flipped the script for Indy. This kid is a game changer, and is not afraid of contact. They came out and punched the Bills right in the mouth and kept on doing it. The Bills are not the physical team they were last year & if they don’t start playing physical soon, they wont represent the AFC in the Super Bowl. The Jaguars showed the league how to beat them, simple, just keep coming.

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