Thankful for being witness…..

By: Artemis Armchair

With cheering for your favorite team, it’s easy to become emotional, and yes irrational! As a Packers Fan I am thankful this year. Of course thankful to be 8-3, but that’s not the thankful I’m talking about.

I think we, as people don’t slow down enough and read between the lines. When the rest of the NFL world lost their minds this offseason over the Aaron Rodgers/ Green Bay drama. Or was their really true “drama”? Sure there was a rift. But nowhere near as bad as Shefter reported. Hat’s off to Adam Schefter for pulling off the greatest magic trick in NFL history with his reporting and timing. Way to make a buck Adam! Scheduled, thought out breaking stories make money. ESPN has been hurting for ratings, and subscribers for years. If it wasn’t for the NFL, ESPN would NOT exist, and they know it. How else are they going to be able to keep Monday Night Football. (Sorry for rambling) LOL- I admit, I, like most bought Shefters story hook, line and sinker. I was upset with Rodgers initially. Then I slowed down and read between the lines.

Rodgers may be the smartest person ever to play football. Sure he comes off pompous and arrogant at times, but when you listen to him, he’s truly all heart. I really appreciate his return presser. I’ve never felt like we’ve ever gotten to know any player ever, the way we get to on Pat McAfee Show. To me it might be the greatest segment of any show I have ever listened to. I am thankful for the opportunity to listen, enjoy and really learn about who he is.

I’m thankful that these writers/blogger/podcasters who are trying to make a living off of the Packers, some of which are invited to the pressers. People like Peter Bukowski, Aaron Nagler, and Corey Behnke who were so vocal in bashing Aaron when they found out he wasn’t vaxed or that they were so misled. I am glad I found out how they act like judge, jury and executioners of someone their making money off of. I don’t think your politics, personal beliefs, and your anti religion should be intertwined with your sports writing. In fact, Rodgers comments of being immunized, didn’t mislead me at all. If you misunderstood, it’s not up to the other person to explain, if you don’t ask the question. For the record I still respect Peter, Aaron and Corey- I just disagree with how they became so personal for them.

I’m thankful to be witness to this team, the 2021 Green Bay Packers. The players are really amazing. They are unified and un-wavered. Every adversity faced, there’s a positive energy, and unity. They have each others backs. They genuinely love, and respect one another and the coaches. These Coaches! Matt LaFleur is C.O.Y., and Joe Barry is Coordinatior of the year- not even a question in my mind. In my 42 years, this is the second coach in Green Bay that has had a charisma and bond with his team to this degree. The other? Mike Holmgren.

LaFleur has a swagger about him that I don’t think the Packers have had since Lombardi. That’s not saying the Packers haven’t had good coaches. LaFleur has a confidence and you can see he knows they can win every game, especially when 100% healthy!

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